Thursday, June 9, 2011


How much is too much?

When I write I want the writer to see exactly what I see in my head, which makes it a struggle for me to keep the description to an amount that wont completely bore the reader. For instance, I was writing about a plaque on the wall in my book and I had to stop myself from explaining that the plaque was a hard plastic square, with rounded corners, the top third of it was a faded maroon with white letters sticking out that read 'Human Agent Training', the bottom half a dull grey.

Really?! I am positive that my readers do not care about the specifics of that plastic square stuck to the wall, all they need to know is what it said. I try to keep a good pace and not get lost in the descriptions that don't add anything of value to the story. When I desperately want to go into depth on something I just know I can't, I like to make myself feel better by drawing a picture of it. Im no artist mind you, but just getting it on paper and out of my head makes the whole process that much easier.

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